Follow an adventurous group of kids as they chase a discarded plastic bag as it floats and flies through the watershed in this wordless musical movie with an environmental message.

The Red Bag is a musical nonverbal movie that aims to entertain young people, while also covering important environmental issues, in particular about water. The movie highlights musical sounds from around the world, created by and preformed by the musical duo ZunZun.  So that it can be shown anywhere The Red Bag is nonverbal. And the philosophy of the movie is to allow for various interpretations, so that the environmental, conservation, and watershed protection  messages are arrived at by the audience themselves.

Accompanying the movie is a series questions in English and Spanish that integrates the music video into basic science curricula while encouraging discussion and problem solving. For example;

A drought is when there is a shortage of water or rainfall in an area for a period of time.

Have you ever lived through a drought where you live?

Where do you get your drinking water from?

What ways can you think of to save water?


La sequía es cuando hay falta de agua o lluvia en un área por un tiempo muy prolongado.

¿Has vivido en un área donde hubo sequía? 

¿De dónde viene el agua de tu casa?  ¿De un río?  ¿un lago?  ¿un pozo?  ¿Reprensa? ¿un acuífero?

¿Cómo puedes conservar el agua?


(Length: 7 minutes 45 seconds.)

Presented by:   Raindancer Media, ZunZun, Three Americas, and Earth Links, Inc.