Plastic Bag Bans

Do the Bye-Bye-Plastic-Bag Dance!

Congratulations to Santa Cruz County, which is the first government entity in the Monterey Bay area and the 13th in the State of California to ban single-use plastic bags. Thanks to the residents of Santa Cruz County and our government officials for making this enlightened choice.

Plastic bag bans are spreading fast throughout the state of California: click here for an extensive list compiled by Californians Against Waste. The grassroots-run website has information on current and pending legislation and litigation in municipalities all over the world (though they concentrate on California), including a link to this fantastic interactive map that Chicobag has been maintaining. Also from Chicobag comes the Bag MonsterĀ® Blog, whose mascot is a man covered with 500 plastic bags (the average number of plastic bags used per capita per year in the US). The blog has current reporting and video (often very amusing).